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The Haig Walking menu

Palermo Hollywood is justly famous for its many bars and restaurants.

When you have finished pigging out and becoming a near- alcoholic, there are lots of other things nearby all within a 15 min walk; including a hospital, ATM, grocery store, huge super market and hardware store and a brand new shopping mall (ARCOS) to spend your wads of pesos.

If taxis are not your preferred manner of travel, it's just a ten-minute walk to the Palermo subway, and from there you can be in the financial center, Puerto Madero, or San Telmo all within 15-30 minutes.

Local buses are a street away and a very inexpen- sive way to travel and feel like a local. (Even if it gets stinky sometimes).

The Palermo woods are a twenty-minute walk away, and the botanical gardens even less. The quirky mercado de pulgas (flea market) is up the road. Palermo Soho, with countless boutiques, bars and restaurants, is a couple of streets away; just across the awesome little railway line that divides Hollywood from Soho.

Please don't make us list other things that are really close to us. It won't fit on the page.

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